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Hello and Welcome.

After the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, a designer friend of mine brought it to my attention that a safety pin had become a symbol of help and security for the persecuted citizens of England, post-Brexit. I did a quick search for safety pin logos, assuming there had already been a storehouse of print items for download to use. While there my be such files, my initial searches came up with a bunch of clip art factories.

card-examplesSo I built some files for you to use. Free use. No copyright, no hassle.

Enclosed in the download are several versions of a safety pin inside an 8″ square. Perfect for U.S. 8.5 x 11. Each includes PDF, JPG, PNG, EPS and AI versions.

There are business cards, ready to go, at 8 on a page, with crop marks so you can see where to cut them. (Note, getting them cut at a print/copy service is way easier than trying to cut them with scissors or a razor knife.) There is one with white space beside the logo, for writing phone numbers and names, etc.

There are versions in 5 languages with checkboxes for the type of help you can provide or are seeking. There is a multilingual checkbox version that would make a good backside to the card with only the logo on front. I got the quick translations from Google Translate, so I hope they’re correct.

The most common of these has the top of the pin in white so you can get out your crayons and markers and make it your favorite color.

In case you’re wondering, the pin isn’t broken. That empty spot on the right of the pin is where it’s hidden by the clothing it’s pinned through. It looked weird as a normal pin.

If you take one of the logos or cards and come up with a variation that you feel is useful, send me a copy and I’ll post it here for free download.

Remember, you are not alone.

Good Luck and Peace to Us All, Everyone.

Charlie Magee
Eugene, Oregon, USA


8×8 reversed (white on black), 5 formats [sdm_download id=”1696″ fancy=”0″ color=”green”]


8×8 black on white, white top, 5 formats [sdm_download id=”1694″ fancy=”0″ color=”green”]


8×8 basic, black on white, 5 formats [sdm_download id=”1692″ fancy=”0″ color=”green”]



Single cards, 5 languages, PDF [sdm_download id=”1706″ fancy=”0″ color=”green”]


Single cards, 5 languages, Adobe Illustrator format [sdm_download id=”1690″ fancy=”0″ color=”green”]


8 cards per page, 5 languages, PDF [sdm_download id=”1704″ fancy=”0″ color=”green”]


8 cards per page, 5 languages, Adobe Illustrator format [sdm_download id=”1684″ fancy=”0″ color=”green”]







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