Mythos in Maleme

mythos-1We stopped at Mythos Restaurant in Maleme on our way between Heraklion and Kissamos. It was our first exposure to great Greek food, hospitality, and incredibly affordable dining.

The owner came out to the middle of the street to grab us before we could walk on to the restaurant next door. He was so happy and enthusiastic in his pushiness that we couldn’t resist. We plan on visiting him on a return trip.

Maleme, by the way, is where the Germans began their invasion of Crete during WWII. Just down the road from Mythos is a large resort hotel that caters to . . . German tourists. (Gotta love the overweight men in their Speedos. Whew. What a crackup.)

Geni’s fish, roasted with potatos and veggies; my 5 Greek taster dish; carafe of wine and a pint of beer: 16 euro.

mythos-3 mythos-4 mythos-5


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