A Thank You to Hacker News, Github, Stack Overflow

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Hello Hacker News, Github, Stack Overflow, and everyone else that’s sharing great ideas and good code!

Your willingness to freely share your skills, your hard-won experience, and links to interesting essays and posts was part of the inspiration for my novel (and helped me make a living with Javascript, HTML and CSS for the past few years.)

Rather than blab on and on about how cool you all are, I’ll cut right to it: I’m making the ebook version of The Last Breath free (for October 12 & 13, 2016 only) as a way to say thanks.

I posted the message on HN because there isn’t an easier way to get to everybody on Github and Stack Overflow. But we’re all connected, right?

Can you help a brother out? Let’s see if we can set an Amazon record for sci-fi downloads in a 24 hour period. A big burst of downloads of my book from Amazon opens the door for other marketing opportunities. I’d really like to make a living at writing so I can keep doing it. Your help can make the difference.

One Code to Rule Them All. One Line to Bind Them.

Code remnants from a mass AI suicide.

Code auto-generated by the head-chopping, bullet-spraying, castle-building actions of players in the massive game called DireNight.

And, yes, code co-developed by self-selected programmers all over the world. All working toward a common goal: developing a free and open, kick-ass version of mind chips that will bring on the Human Singularity. (To hell with the AI version. We already blew that.)

Too bad the Decimals included a back door in their version of brain dust . . . and it looks like they’ll be first to market.
Too bad Lia Bellamy, the open source hero, got assassinated a few minutes ago.
Too bad our last chance rides on the shoulders of Matt Dunston. His mind is looping into nonsense and he can’t revert to a recent brain backup because there isn’t one. He’s one of those guys that thinks death exists for a reason.

If you like sci-fi, you might enjoy this novel. If you do, it would be great if you’d pass the word, or even leave a review on my Amazon book page.

I’d love to hear what you think: The Last Breath by Charlie Magee

Again, thanks,

Charlie Magee

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