The blogging begins

blog-header-variationsI’ve spent many hours in the nooks and crannies of the past year thinking up domain names, testing WordPress themes, taking pictures that might work as headers and/or content in posts.

I chose to go with Tempera by Cryout Creations because I use it quite often when building a site for a client. I like it mostly because it has a great settings page. I can put custom CSS in a handy spot and move on without messing around too much.

This image is a screenshot of my laptop desktop. I’ve got a Photoshop file with over thirty layers of cropped images from photos taken during our trip to Croatia and Greece. I’ll change up the website header now and then, to keep things a bit interesting.

The Last Breath is in my editor’s hands at the moment so I finally have time to make the blog a priority. I bought the domain a few days ago, after driving friends and family nuts with requests to look at my latest list of wild, crazy, useless, and often stupid, domain names. Most everybody said to keep it simple (but oh so tempting to make it long and difficult for the sheer orneriness of it) and no one liked the odd domain extensions: .works, .place, .zone, and so on. I was very tempted to go that direction but decided not to because those extensions are still foreign to a lot of people.

I read marketing listicles and essays, a few author posts but nothing came up that I hadn’t already thought of.

My name somewhere in the domain became the decision. Unfortunately, was already owned by an Irish professional photographer and I didn’t want to stick my middle initial in there, or take my first and middle names to initials. I’m going with and I hope it doesn’t make me seem pretentious. I’m looking at it as incentive: get up and write, boy, or you haven’t earned that domain name.

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