Croatian and Greek Hotel Food

hotel-foodLest you all think we’re jet-setting around, dining in the finest establishments with an unlimited budget . . . this picture shows our typical lunch layout, which is also the occasional dinner on the road.

The sausages, cheeses, and breads are always local and very good. The chips are a reminder of home. Beer, see my earlier post. Wine has been a bit of a guess, but we’re mostly doing a good job with that.

We only needed bottled water while driving in Croatia because the tap water was fine for filling our walking-around bottles and tasted almost as good as the McKenzie River water provided by EWEB in Eugene. Unfortunately, Crete tap water is to be avoided, according to Nikos Vlasakis, the cook/manager of a we-were-the-only-non-locals-in-the-place-and-we-stayed-till-1-am tavern, Restaurant Retro Estiatorio, in downtown Heraklion. His comment has been backed up by our recent visit to the Kissamos, Crete version of Safeway. The bottled water section of the store is easily eight times the size of any water section I’ve seen in the U.S., and the locals had some in every cart. So we lugged it every where we went . . . and then discovered that it depends. Our villa in Spili, Crete had excellent tap water.

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