My science fiction novel, The Last Breath, is available on Amazon. There is an Ebook version and a Print version.

One Code to Rule Them All. One Line to Bind Them.

It is the last eleven hours of civilization as we know it, and Matt Dunston is pissed off. Lia Bellamy was assassinated five minutes ago, blown to a cloud of molecules in his face. She was a war hero programmer on a post-apocalyptic Earth full of cyberpunks and battle-worn climate survivors. Her open source brain dust—human augmentation nanochips—held the promise of a future of freedom, creativity, and peace. Without her, the Singularity is barreling down on humanity like a boulder about to crush a bus full of kids.

The Decimal-Percenters are going to own the Singularity by forcing their version of dust into the lungs of millions at 11 am tomorrow. People will become superhuman . . . as long as they don’t mind the back door into their brain.

Matt’s not a programmer, but he thinks a few hours should be plenty of time to unleash his rage on the Decimals, and then delete their code and prevent worldwide mental slavery.

I’ve decided to try the “indie publisher on Amazon.com” route. When I mention that to friends and acquaintances, their faces drift into an “oh, that’s too bad” expression because, obviously, my book isn’t good enough for real publishers to pay an advance for. While that might be true, I’m not going to bother finding out. The chances are slim that I would ever get published by the Big Five. The chances are 100% if I become an indie on Amazon. Hmmm. Let me think about it for a minute. Done thinking. Decision made.

The good news is that there is now statistical proof showing that you no longer need the Big Five. In fact, signing up with them can be a big mistake. I’m likely to make more money on Amazon than with a “real” publisher.

If you doubt my assertion, you might want to take the time to check out a website called Author Earnings. A sci-fi writer named Hugh Howey is one of the handful of writers who have gone huge on Amazon and he put some of his money into hiring a coding/database team to, among other things, scrape Amazon’s book pages to glean sales data. The result is Author Earnings and it is a valuable resource for anyone interested in where to publish and how to publish in this era of transition and turbulence in all industries, from music and writing to autos and energy. Here’s a great essay by Howey about the publishing transition we’re going through.

His website is packed with many thoughtful essays about writing and marketing in this brave new publishing world. The comments in his posts are also worth reading because many of the commenters are authors who are also writing and selling on Amazon. Their insights are often valuable as well.

From the October 2015 Author Earnings report: Today, indie authors and Amazon-imprint authors sell more ebooks daily than all traditional publishers put together . . .

Note that it says “ebooks.”

We’ll find out soon enough how things work out for me. It will now come down to how well I can market the book, my name, this website, etc.

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